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How to make an article more informative and viewers friendly

0 Comments Content Writing   (on 25-Aug-2015 09:39 AM)

Now a days there it is important for an SEO to have a proper knowledge and skills in order to make your article and blogs easily reachable for their viewers. The main purpose of google is to provide their customer useful and related web results. That is the reason why as a SEO executive you must have aware of original content which means more than much more than a blog post or an article post on a certain and specific topic. Here is the some important features that an SEO executive must have to ad in their blog or article in order to make it more viewers friendly and informative.

One of the most important feature of your article or blog must be to add pictures in order to provide a good look of your article in the eyes of viewers.  When you have a proper usage of pictures related to products and services that has been explained in blog or article it will make a good impression of your writing in the minds of viewers. The most important advantage that you can get is that your viewer can remember that article for a long period of time.

Adding a video related to the topic will provides you the same benefits as you can have by adding a picture. But one extra benefit that you can have easily attained is to provide the proper usage of specified product and service in a best organized manner. Adding video will also help you to make a good impression of the service or product in the best informative way. It is because of the reason the viewers will get more information’s through a video then reading an article or blog word by word.

One of the most important tool that you must have to use during the posting of articles and blogs is to provide back link of your important desperations and punch lines (keyword). It will allow your viewers to read your article in a best possible manner. In case if he had to find some detail of a term that has been used in article he can easily access. As a professional SEO executive one thing that you must have do is to proper usage of backlinks on the key positions in an article or blog. So these are the some important things that you must have to keep in mind at the time of posting articles and blogs on a certain product or service. These things will not only helps you to have an increase in your viewer’s base but also helps your client to generate more business because of the customer attraction towards their product or service.

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