How To Do House Clearance Within A Weekend

How To Do House Clearance Within A Weekend

If you don’t remember the last time you’ve done a full house clearance, it’s definitely time to schedule one. If you can see the clutter piling up all around you and you have less and less room for new things, then you definitely have a problem. No wonder most interior designers nowadays focus on the minimalistic trend in the home decor. It’s time to understand that you don’t need so many things in your home in order to feel well. On the contrary, you need more room for light and movement, a tidy living room and less boxes full of old and useless items. If you live in a big house and you have a basement and a garage too, chances are the clutter is simply growing. Learn how to throw away and prioritize – this will secure a safe and healthy home.

The best time for a house clearance is on a warm spring weekend. You will need a good and detailed checklist, the members of your family available to help out and some equipment. If you have too many things you are not willing to part with just yet, consider renting a storage unit somewhere locally. It’s best to pack it all and store it away from home, in a secured and clean facility, where the damp is less and the result won’t be rust and mold everywhere. Start with the least desirable area at home – whether that’s the garage, the basement, the garden shed, the attic or the guest bedroom. Prepare some bags or cardboard boxes to store the items. Make sure you first clean them with a damp cloth.


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It’s best to clear up a room with the help of just one more person from your family. This way it’s easier to move around and help each other. Working as a team is advisable, but it doesn’t mean standing on each other’s way all the time. If you have old items such as upholstery or electronics, use a dolly to move them out of the house. Consider hiring a rubbish clearance service, which means a team of trained professionals who will dispose of your belongings in a green way. Taking trips to the rubbish pit and organizing recycling on your own can take days. Schedule a task for the Saturday for each member of the family. On Saturday evening discuss what is still left to do on the next day. Make sure you have plenty of detergents, sponges and natural products such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice, which can do miracles around the house. A house clearance is more than moving out the old items. You have to make sure you clean fully the entire house and treat the issues immediately. Dust, grime, pests, mold, rust and mildew are just some of the most common problems. They reduce the air quality in the house and can cause serious infections and breathing problems. If you want to live in a healthy house you are proud of, the house clearance is not just preferable, it’s absolutely vital.

A weekend is more than enough to do a full house clearance if you’ve managed to prepare a good checklist and follow it at all times. Use coloured stickers to label the items accordingly – for junk, for selling/donation and for keeping. This way the sorting out is much easier and quicker.

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