How to Keep Your House Clean In Simple Steps?

How to Keep Your House Clean In Simple Steps?

What is the reason behind you searching for house cleaning steps? Is it the news of your grandmother’s arrival? Are guests coming for a short stay? Or is it simply that you have had enough of living in a messy house? Whatever might be the reason, if you follow the below mentioned steps passionately for a long period of time it will develop into the cleanest habit!

  1. Make cleanliness a way of life. Litter is by product of what you consume; its place is not on your desk, shelves or bed. Build a habit of throwing wrappers and packets in dustbins. Collect the garbage from dustbins all over your house and throw it in the garbage can every morning before or after breakfast or just before leaving for work/school.
  2. Every time you get up from your bed or couch, adjust the pillows and cushions and make the sheets unwrinkled. This might look like a tough step to follow but it actually is simple in the long run. When you repeat this step for a week, your mind gets habituated to follow this. In this way you wouldn’t have to specifically make your bed.
  3. There are certain things in life which you can’t buy extra time for. If you are living alone or even in a proper household, do not procrastinate: meet the requirement at its right time. Better, whenever you have food or drink something, rather than piling dirty dishes wash them individually right away. This is much easier braving up to the daunting task of washing a crockery hill!
  4. Yes, it is difficult to clean one’s home every day when the modern busy schedule pulls you away by the leash. And this leads to dusty shelves, floor, tables and decorative pieces. And that becomes one tough and unwanted job on a weekend, doesn’t it? Taking away precious hours meant to relax and enjoy. But there is an easy way of doing this! Not all of us are fitness freaks and going to the gym or exercising every morning is either time consuming or too difficult. So, instead you wake up half an hour earlier than usual and dust the house lightly. Put on your earphones, take up the vacuum cleaner or the duster, open the windows (fresh morning air provides strength!) and go around your house dancing and cleaning! This way by the time it is Saturday; you can leave all worries aside and revel in the freer side of life!
  5. If you are a super lucky (Yes! Because I am not) owner of a garden or a lawn¸ spare another fifteen minutes or maybe lessen the interior cleaning a bit and trim the blades and water the plants. By going through this every day you can combine it with simple meditation and become healthier, fresh and more active to do other chores throughout the course of the day.

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Remember, it is better now than (sometimes!) never. Cleanliness is goodliness!

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