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London Removals Services

Mr-Helper offer a comprehensive range of London Removals Services which includes moving, packing and storage services for your home and business at an affordable price. No job is too small or too big for us. We are leading Removals Company in London and are proud of our services which are offered at very competitive rates.

To make your London Removals Services hassle free, we at Mr-Helper also supply our clients with a comprehensive range of packing materials, at a very low price and deliver then to your lace before the move date.

Our London Removals Services operate 7 days a week without any extra charges for weekend or public holidays. We operate 24hrs and specialise in transporting your possessions into and out of London, as well as within London and the Home Counties.

Whether you are moving your home or your business, moving within, into or out of London, or if you simply need professional packing materials, Mr-Helper – London Removals is the right choice for you. When it comes to removals, you can place your trust in our friendly, trustworthy and professional staff.

We at Mr-Helper can visit your premises and give you a free no obligation quote for our Man And Van Purley London Removals Services. We always advice our clients that to make sure that furniture which is too outsized to fit through the doors, down the stairs etc. is take apart (we at Mr-Helper can dismantle and reassemble your items).

We suggest that you should be clear where you want the furniture to be placed in your new home. Our team will place the items inside your new premises as per your requirements.

London Removals suggests that all crockery, glasses etc. should be individually wrapped in tissue paper (newspaper is okay but can leave ink smudges) and should be placed in a separate box with proper indications on it. All paintings, vases and large fragile items should be wrapped in bubble-wrap and placed in a separate box.

We at Mr-Helper – London Removals will take best care of your fragile items and will make sure that are fully secured during the transportation.


London Removals

Small Removals

At London Removals, no job is too small or too big for us. We cater to every client, domestic or commercial regardless of the size of job. For small items moves and relocation, our one man and van services are ideal. If you need small or big items to me relocated inside the same premises, we are always here to help you out with move.

London Removals Process

One of the best things you can buy before you start the process of London House Removals is a large notebook or diary. Although most smart-phones, laptops and tablets have excellent reminder systems, nothing can really beat the open notebook on the table or work surface, complete with pen. Using this method means that if you are organising London House Removals in conjunction with others, you can jot down thoughts, messages and requests so that everyone gets to see everything that is going on and no one is left out of the loop. With most house moves involving moving out and moving in on the same day, this kind of attention to detail is absolutely vital to make sure that it all runs smoothly. As soon as you have the date when you can move into your new home, write it in big letters on the front of the notepad and them book your removals team – once you have that sorted, you can get on with all the rest of the organising which will ensure that your home move will run like clockwork.

If you can arrange it, it is a good idea to visit your new home once the move is sorted, to not only measure the rooms and get a feel for the layout but also to check out things like difficult turns on the stairs, narrow doorways and access through to the rear of the property. These things can make a huge difference to how your move progresses and it is too late when your wardrobe is stuck fast on a narrow landing to go back and start again. Most furniture can be broken down a little, even if it is not flat-pack and just taking off the feet or a top trim could mean that a piece which would otherwise have got stuck will now slip through the space with ease. Your removals team will be able to help you reassemble at your new home.

When you start packing, be ruthless. Keep a large roll of bin bags to hand and all oddments of paper, odd socks and other screwed up bits that you find behind the furniture should go in there without a second thought. If you are not sure about something, label the bag with the date and contents and then revisit it when you have time – leave it six months and if you haven’t needed anything from in there, then the chances are that you never will. If you can start your life in your new home clutter free, you will settle in much more quickly. The exception to the chuck it rule is anything owned by children; moving is sometimes even more stressful for a child than an adult and even quite grown up kids can regress back to older toys, for comfort and reassurance. This is particularly important if a move of school or nursery is involved. It probably won’t take long for them to settle down, but in the meantime an old toy or book can make the transition much easier. If you do have small children in the household, it is sometimes best if they are elsewhere on moving day as lots of busy adults, open doors and large boxes don’t really mix too well with little ones. It is important to include them in the planning, though – a small party to say goodbye to the old house will help them understand what is going on. Although pets probably won’t want a party, it is best if they are safely elsewhere on moving day as well – a lost cat at the last minute does not help the day go with a swing.

London House Removals Services

When your London Removals team pack your belongings into the van, they will take care to do it in an organised way, so as to make unpacking at the destination easier. If you label the boxes clearly, this will help them to plan their load, both for convenience at your new home and also for the safety of themselves and your precious items. Make ‘fragile’ one of your most used words, but only when it is the case. Books should be labelled clearly as they make boxes very heavy for their size – in fact, books are best mixed with other items, so the boxes are easier to carry. The Man And Van BromleyLondon Removals Firms are very experienced packers, so if you find that you can’t get the packing done or are uncertain how to proceed, you can arrange for a professional team to come and do it for you. If you are busy – or perhaps moving a business as well as a home – then you will find that delegating this job is well worth the extra expenditure.

When you reach your new home the London House Removals team will probably ask for a guided tour, so they know where all the rooms are. If you have a moment before the move begins, writing or printing some labels and sticking them on the various doors with Blu-Tack or something similar which won’t damage the paintwork will do away with guesswork and will mean that all of the boxes end up in the right place. This will make unpacking so much easier and you can settle in much more quickly. Again, if your family includes children, it is important to get their rooms sorted first – they will be much happier with familiar things around them. If you think you may be pressed for time, it is useful if you number the boxes in order of priority for each room, so if you can only get the minimum done, there will be sheets on the beds and socks for the morning.

When everything is unpacked, your Man And Van Croydon London Removals team will take away all the packaging materials and this is one of the best parts of using professional movers rather than trying to do it all yourself. Trying to get rid of a mountain of boxes and bubble wrap is very difficult and trying to settle in with it in the middle of the lounge even harder. Waving goodbye to the cardboard along with your moving team means that you can start enjoying your new home straight away.


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