Useful Tips to Pack Your Linens for Moving

Useful Tips to Pack Your Linens for Moving

Packing things the right way is essential part of every moving. Some people are natural at that and will be able to pack everything with no efforts. Surely each of us has seen such people and has admired their skills. However if you are not one of them you will need some useful tips that will help you do things right and easy. The moving companies usually will advice you that the best policy is to keep the original package for every item, especially when it comes to house equipment and appliances like TVs, refrigerators and ovens.

Some clothes even have special packages that are keeping them safe. And for the fragile items it is absolutely mandatory to inform yourself before proceed to any packing.


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However it is not possible for people to keep each original package, because then these materials will pile up and you will probably need another house just to store them.

There are some of the house belongings like linens which are very light and easy to be carried, but at the same time they take too much space to be transported in their original form. And as we all know optimization of the free space is essential for every moving process. Nobody wants to pay for an extra van in which the things will be sliding from one wall of the vehicle to the other because it is almost empty inside it.

The first thing you have to begin with is to supply with few boxes for the packing. According to how many linens you own you have to get several large and medium sized packing boxes. Also you have to have heavy-duty plastic bags and some that are for the freezer. Packing tape and markers are some things without which you will not go with the packing.

Start by sorting the linens you have and choose which are new and which can be used as padding for other objects like lamps, electronics and glassware. Those of the linens you are planning to use for this purpose have to be kept in different box and at some handy and close place so you will be able to reach them while you are packing your stuff. The special way of packing should be used for the extra linens that will be left after that.

Take another moving box or storage boxes for them. Collect all the sheets, pillows and other similar on one place and try to fold and squeeze them at the same time until they seem to take as small space as it is possible. Sort them all in different piles as you are guided by their size.

Start to take one by one the piles and put them inside the plastic bags as you are taking as big plastic bag as it is going to fit the items you are about to put inside. After you are done with that, try to lean on every bag and take the air outside. You may need the help of another person for this, as the other will tape the bags and shut them down. There are special pumps that are vacuum-closing such bags and making the packages really small and flat. In case you do not have one and you have nowhere to find it from, this is the best alternative for packing the linens.

In case you do not have enough time you can just use large heavy-duty bags and put the linens inside them. They may not be squeezed during the packing, but they can be easily squeezed when are put in the truck or the van and will create enough space for other things.

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